Debian Ruby Gem Dependency Service


Gemdeps is a command line tool intended to find out the details of all dependencies of a Ruby gem or application. Originally written by C├ędric Boutillier in Ruby, it was ported to Python by Balasankar C, as a personal project. It mainly generates two outputs in JSON format - A dependency list of the application/gem selected and the status of their packaging in Debian. Additionally, it can also generate packaging progressbars in HTML format and Dependency graph in PDF format using GraphViz. The source code of the Ruby version is available here and Python version is available here.

Gemdeps Web Service

This web service provides a web interface to the Gemdeps program, using cached JSON inputs. The JSON inputs are generated periodically by the CLI program and this web service make use of them to generate progress bars and dependency inforation. The source code behind this web service is available here


Gemfileparser is a Python library written by Balasankar C, intended to be a minimal port of the Gemnasium gem for Ruby. It parses Gemfiles and gemspec files and identifies the dependencies and their details specified in those files. It is the initial part of the Gemdeps program. The source code is available here.

License and Copyright

The following copyright information applies to Gemdeps, Gemdeps web service and Gemfileparser library.
Copyright: 2015, Balasankar C <>
Gemdeps and Gemfileparser are released under GPL-3.0+
Gemdeps web service is released under AGPL-3.0+